IBC Industries launches the first cleaner for solar panels


The company IBC Industries has with SP Cleaner produced the first solar panel cleaning agent in the country. SP Cleaner is a patented product, specially developed for cleaning solar panels easily..

Studies show that solar panels provide substantially lower yields if they are dirty. The KU Leuven also investigated the effect of dirt on yield. Dust and bird droppings make these solar cells dirty and the rain is not able to wash most of this away. The angle of the roof also plays a role: the lower the angle of the roof, the more dirt is left sitting. In this way the yield from solar panels reduces from year to year by between 2 and 7%. Clean solar panels quickly show a 5% improvement in yield.

Solar panels are not self cleaning, so they have to be cleaned. At least twice a year, and in forested or industrial areas somewhat more often. But not with just anything: hard water is to be avoided, just like aggressive or abrasive products. That is what makes SP Cleaner revolutionary: the product cleans solar panels without any risk of scratching or damage. Furthermore rinsing with water afterwards is unnecessary.

SP Cleaner is already available in Belgium in the best do-it-yourself stores. IBC Industries is also distributing the product in Europe.


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